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Deposits are non-refundable BUT can be applied to any rescheduled appointments so long as you provide 24 hours notice. 


Client's who make excessive changes to design or placement after arriving to the appointment will be charged the hourly rate for the entire duration of the appointment.


Unless previously discussed, Sleeves and Half sleeves will be split into multiple sessions. Please do not expect to complete an entire half sleeve in 1 appointment. Same logic applies to larger detailed tattoos.  


Tattoo time is charged at $150 per hour for time actually spent tattooing. Your deposit is subtracted from the total

payment methods

Cash is the preferred method of payment but I do also accept Venmo. 


Please be mindful of your appointment time. Unless you have arranged to book the entire day, your appointment is only scheduled for 4 hours. If there is an appointment after you, you will need to schedule another session to complete any unfinished work. 

no shows

Client's who no show for their scheduled appointment forfeit their deposit and have to pay a new deposit upon booking again. 

under 18?

Client's who are underage must provide their photo ID, birth certificate and be accompanied by a legal birth parent who is also listed on the certificate. Tattoos will only be performed on those 16 or older.


Parking in front of the shop is limited, especially on the weekends. Please consider this and allow extra time to find parking. 

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